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太極拳家 練拳在於修心, 練劍在於養氣, 練刀在於培志, 練槍在於益智, 練功在於長勁。

Taiji Quan jia
lian quan zaiyu xiu xin, lian jian zaiyu yang qi, lian dao zaiyu pei zhi, lian qiang zaiyu yi zhi, lian gong zaiyu chang jin.

The Taiji Quan expert
trains the fist in order to repair the mind, trains the sword in order to nourish the qi, trains the sabre in order to cultivate the will, trains the spear in order to augment wisdom, trains the (nei)gong in order to strengthen jin.

Sifu Cheng Tin Hung (translation by Andreas Schoter)

In traditional Tai Chi Chuan (this style) there are 5 key elements which make up the system of training.

Internal Strength exercises (neigong) are a fundamentally important part of the process, working on us as practitioners in a wide variety of ways.

The internal strength training process uses two sequences of 12 different exercises, termed the Yin sequence and the Yang sequence, which are practiced on alternating days.

The function of the exercises is multi-faceted, though includes strengthening of the body internally (organs, circulation, respiration etc) as well as more ‘externally’, muscles and bones and so on. They also help develop our powers of awareness and concentration and lead to a more tranquil disposition.

One of the major goals of Neigong training is to develop not only our physical strength and power, but also to turn this raw potential into highly useful martial actions. Being able to harness whatever force generating potential we have, and refining its expression into key types of force expression known in Chinese as ‘Jin’, meaning refined expression of force.

The internal strength exercises systematically train you as a practitioner in the development of a wide array of offensive and defensive ‘jins’, which can be expressed in a wide variety of applications. The ‘Jins’ are the building blocks of powerful and effective techniques of all kinds.



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