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Training in nature

Tai chi training is always enjoyable, however there is something special about training in nature, along with the additional biopheliac benefits that spending time around plants gives us spring makes it the perfect time to organise this years workshops.

We will run these workshops every two weeks to give people an opportunity to spend more time practicing Tai Chi in the beautiful scenic surroundings of Grovelands park, in Southgate, London.

Who it’s for

These workshops cover the Wudang style of Tai Chi but are also suitable for other styles to attend, who are interested in learning a different approach.

All levels of tai chi practitioners will benefit from attendance, from complete beginner to advanced professional, we will have training organised for all groups.

What will be practiced

The workshops are an opportunity to spend time developing deeper understanding and skill in the five key elements of Wudang Tai Chi.

  • Internal strength
  • Pushing Hands
  • Hand form
  • Weapons
  • Self defence

Upcoming workshop dates, times and cost

The workshops will all start at 12 noon and run to 6pm and cost £50.

  • Sunday April 24th
  • Saturday 7th May
  • Sunday 22nd May
  • Sunday 5th June
  • Sunday 19th Lancing

Additional dates for summer to be posted nearer the time.

Booking your place

To book your place simply email Neil on NeilRosiak@mac.com

Or message him on WhatsApp 0751 552 2950 and state which workshop you want to come to.

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