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Modular instructor training courses

The Tai Chi Chuan system coming from the Cheng Tin Hung lineage is a completely unique martial art, with a huge syllabus encompassing a wide variety of health, fitness and self defence components.

For this reason we are offering students the opportunity to become certified instructors of this unique and powerful training method, via a simple system of modular training courses, each one focussed on each core discipline of the art.

Online or in person

Our teacher training courses can be followed either by attendance of in-person training workshops or via our online learning material. A combination of both approaches may suit the majority of students.

Assessments are online for those who cannot attend assessment workshops.

In-depth theory and practical skills

Tai Chi has profound concepts which are made physical and then trained until they are embodied. Our objective with these courses is to ensure that you have the knowledge of the theory and the ability to physically express this. Additionally we want you to be able to effectively and successfully pass on these skills to your groups and students.


Joining a collective network of affiliated members

Freedom of thought and creative development of the art and its application are at the forefront of our ethos. With this in mind we have avoided the implementation of a deep hierarchy in the structure of our organisation.

Instead, we are using the idea of a collective of knowledgeable practitioners, who have been trained to understand and appreciate the deep insight, nuances and wisdom of the traditional training methods of the art. These things have tended to be developed over time by some exceptionally bright minds and experiences and so have evolved to be a certain way. We should understand why they are done as they are and preserve their essence and technical execution. However, once a deep understanding has been reached there should be no reason why we cannot as teachers apply the principles and technical details in creative ways, as well as develop and apply the art in new directions, where beneficial and relevant.

Having a network or collective of independent instructors who simply share a passion for the best possible Tai Chi Chuan training, we can avoid the stagnation of the art as well as help each instructor and practitioner within the collective gain as much as possible from their engagement with the art, without the internal politics and restrictive dynamics often seen in martial organisations. Instead we can all benefit from like-minded colleagues and friends, who we can exchange ideas with, train with and develop and grow the practices with.


On-going learning

Tai Chi is a lifelong art, with limitless scope for developing your skills, conditioning and understanding of theory over the years you train. For this reason many instructors will want to continue their education and will want to have access to mentoring and coaching that can ‘level-up’ their practice as well as teaching ability.

For this reason we plan to have regular residential training camps as well as practice and teaching workshops.

Teacher training modules

Hand Form teacher: Learning to teach the traditional Long Form, in it’s square and round formats

Pushing Hands coach: Learning how to teach and coach pushing hands skills, which are the close quarter grappling skills of Tai Chi

Self Defence instructor: Become certified to teach the full system of self defence training, using the training methods that produced many international full contact fighting champions.

Weapons training teacher: Learning how to train people to get the most from traditional Chinese martial arts weapons, from both a physical training perspective and also from the perspective of combat or self defence.

Apply for courses

You don’t need any previous Tai Chi experience to join one of our courses.

Simply email us and let us know which course you’d like to start with: neilrosiak@mac.com

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