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Teaching the most complete martial art system of Tai Chi Chuan

Building strength

The traditional Tai Chi training we do is designed to strengthen your entire body, building the strength and density of the bones, the connective tissue, sinews, muscles and joints.

Building energy, stamina and vitality

Our Tai Chi training develops the cardio respiratory system, your aerobic and anaerobic power, whilst developing optimal and harmonious breathing patterns allowing for optimal energy production within the body and mind. Traditional techniques treat the body as a Qi battery, which can be charged to increase vitality and stamina.

Physical power

In addition to building an extremely strong body, training methods within the system convert the strength built up into possible extreme explosive power, which can be used in self defence or can cross over to improved performance of other sports.

Improved inner health and functioning of our organs and glands

The Taoists who designed the original tai chi and Neigong training methods knew that to be healthy and have vitality we need to strengthen the health and functioning of the inner processes of the internal organs as well as the various glands that contribute to optimal vitality. This is accomplished by deep breathing and specialised movement exercises designed to stimulate the body internally through a massaging effect.

Deep relaxation and stress relief

Tai Chi is about balance and so some training can be dynamic and vigorous (Yang) whilst others or more contemplative and mindful (Yin). The Yin aspects of the art are designed to develop ‘stillness in motion’. This is a calm and relaxed mental and emotional state free of excess agitation, helping us to be more effective in life generally and in self defence also.

Self defence and fighting ability

Tai Chi self defence training is designed to train a student to be able to spontaneously manifest the most intelligent response to an attack and then to strike back effectively at the aggressors weak point. Our system of Tai Chi has produced many well known full contact competition fighters and has helped many students successfully defend themselves when it has been necessary. A key feature of the art is ‘softness defeating hardness’ which means we train to use skill and intelligence to defeat and neutralise attacks and then counter precisely to the vital points of the opponent. So small people can be effective against larger and stronger attackers.


Tai chi training has many partner drills and training methods and so helps build high quality relationships with likeminded people. We regularly organise social events with the club and participate in competitions domestically and internationally.

13 Dynamics Syllabus

Form Training

Training technique, feel, balance, posture and movement skill. Form training begins in our school with very structured training in the traditional 119 movement square long form, known as the form of the joints. This progresses into the fluid round form practice and then onto mirror image and then reverse form. Free flow training is the final level.

Pushing hands

This is training done with a partner to build stamina, flexibility, footwork and evasion skills. Above all however pushing hands is about training bodily sensitivity so that we develop extremely fast senses and reflexes and respond intelligently to the opponents forces.

Internal Strength training aka Tai Chi Neigong (and iron shirt Qigong)

This is the secret part of the art developed in the Taoist temples in the hills of ancient China. Used to build and extremely strong, powerful and healthy body Neigong training is an extremely potent practice and for many Taoist formed a basis for higher level spiritual pursuits. As well as strengthening the body to a high degree, the practice builds the right type of power, movement and technique for the application of the art in self defence. The highest level is ‘heaven and thought in unity’, which is an enlightened state beyond formal technique where the precise correct action manifests perfectly with the requirement of every situation.

Self Defence practice

There are 48 self defence techniques or drills to be learned. Each exercise is practiced with a partner, slowly at first and then the speed is built up as your skill improves. Over time it becomes a conditioned response to evade or neutralise the fiercest attacks with ease and calmness whilst opportunities to strike back at vulnerable points of the opponent are sprained to be seized as soon as they are available. Eventually all the techniques become one.


There are three weapons in our system, the sabre, the spear and the sword. Each has a movement training form, as well as applications. Weapons training builds high levels of movement skill, martial technique and fitness.

Kung training

In real martial traditions in ancient China it was said that to train without practicing ‘Kung’ was a waste of time. Kung training is highly specialised strength and conditioning exercises that rapidly build high levels of strength, power and stamina to supplement the other training. The goal is to build a powerful physique capable of being highly effective in martial situations. This is of particular importance for the less skilled novice martial artist who hasn’t yet achieved a high level of skill, they can still be highly effective using superior physical conditioning. As skill improves Kung training may play a less important role.

Classes run Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-9pm and Saturdays 1-3pm

Tuition by Sifu Neil Rosiak MSc 

  • Trained originally by Master Dan Docherty, 1980 South East Asian full contact championship, open weight champ 
  • Learned directly from Sifu Cheng Kam Yan, son of Tai Chi legend Cheng Tin Hung
  • Multiple times British and Double European Tai Chi pushing hands heavyweight champion
  • Trainer of dozens of British, European and World champions in Tai Chi, pushing hands and full contact fighting.
  • First and only pure Tai Chi fighter to fight successfully in professional MMA (Heavyweight Championship)
  • Bouncer and Bodyguard 
  • Masters degree from University of Edinburgh in Strength and Conditioning 
  • Strength and Conditioning columnist for Combat Magazine

Cost per class £25 or £100pm all inclusive

Apply to join the club Neilrosiak@mac.com

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