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Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) is a martial art that has a history that stretches back hundreds of years.

The art is based entirely on the Taoist philosophical ideas of Yin and Yang. These two equal yet opposing forces are viewed as the primary dynamics in the universe and represent all dualities we can observe in nature. Male, female, night, day, up and down etc.

The advantage of working with Yin and Yang is that we can solve different problems more harmoniously and intelligently. 

For example soft, slow and gentle training (Yin) can build flexibility, endurance and also help us relax deeply, making us feel better and become healthier (stress being a primary cause of dis-ease). In the modern world most people could do with a lot more Yin, which is probably why Tai Chi is very popular as a health exercise.

Training that is more Yang can be useful in building up strength, power and decisive actions and develop the will and ‘toughness’.

The Taoist inventors of the art believed that each person should use Yin and Yang training methods appropriately in accordance with their unique needs. A balanced approach to training is the objective.

From a self defence and fighting perspective Yin and Yang were also used to analyse different fighting situations and skills and to provide the practitioner with the most effective and intelligent response to a situation.

The overall objective of traditional Tai Chi, as we train it, is to provide the practitioner with training that will lead to a long life, with a youthful appearance and condition. Very practical self defence skills are equally valued, though the objective is always simply to do enough and defend yourself and not to glorify violence.

Thirteen Dynamics is the name people used to traditionally refer to Tai Chi. Our school is guide by Neil Rosiak, European Tai Chi heavyweight push hands champion, who has been a Tai Chi practitioner for 35 years. Neil learned from Dan Docherty, who in turn learned from master Cheng Tin Hung, Asia’s top martial Tai Chi teacher. Our approach and style is quite different to most tai chi schools and features a very large syllabus.

We train the art in the traditional way, balancing the healthy and personal cultivation training with highly practical self defence training.

The club is highly friendly and social and some students also take part in competitions from time to time.

All students of all ages with a good attitude are always welcome.

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