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Our fight training is unique because more than anything it is about developing an instinctive yet trained response to any situation that arises, based on the tai chi (Yin and Yang) principle.

The two basic forces of Yin and Yang are broken down into eight ways we as humans can use or generate physical force. Each of these eight ways contains varying degrees of Yin or Yang aspects.

Ji- is forces expressed through compression of our own body aimed forward 

Pang- is expansive force where our body holds it’s from or shape, expressed through perfect joint alignment and often expressed upwards

Lu is extremely soft yielding force, usually expressed to the sides, leading an aggressor off balance.

On is force that crushed the opponent downwards to the ground, using compression.

Lit is vortex or spiralling force, using powerful rotational movements either offensive or defensive.

Tsoi uses well placed leverage to pluck up or uproot and opponent

Zhou uses the elbow and forearm to control or strike the opponent

Kao uses leaning and bumping movements to gain an advantage often with the back, shoulder or hip.

These force ideas can be used to analyse all tai chi techniques and help to make them more effective and efficient.

The main idea is always to use Yin to defeat Yang and vice versa. So if the opponent launches a powerful punch or push, we would used a soft neutralising force (Yin) or evade it entirely (even more Yin) and then counter immediately (without gap) with an extremely powerful technique to the opponents closest and weakest target ( so our most Yang weapons attack their weakest Yin).

48 different drills are practiced to teach the most effective and efficient response to different types of punches, kicks, throws, grabs etc. After plenty of repetition training these will be part of your muscle memory, especially if you have wholeheartedly practiced so you embody the underlying tai chi concept with every repetition.

Free practice is often practiced too so you develop more experience in a more spontaneous way. Drills are necessary, but free practice is too. Yin and Yang.

Techniques include a very wide array of punching, low line kicking,  lot of sweepin techniques, a lot of throwing techniques and many limb locks and breaks. There are also trapping and clinching techniques.

The sensitivity, rooting and softness trained in the pushing hands is integrated to the self defence training. The power development and explosiveness from the Neigong is also carefully integrated.

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