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Chinese martial arts contain within them a variety of extremely rich practices, which can revolutionise your health, wellbeing and vitality

Not only can they positively transform your body and mind into higher states of functioning, many still contain some of the most ingenious combat training skills in existence.

Our school is headed by me, Neil Rosiak, having over 35 years of training in the Chinese styles generally, but Wudang Tai Chi specifically. From a young age I was trained by Dan Docherty an all Asia full contact fighting champion, who had been trained himself by Asia’s top fighting teacher, master Cheng Tin Hung. It’s a combat ready system of tai chi, very unlike most others available. We also don’t have uniforms or ranks etc.

Over the years, like those before me in my lineage, I’ve emphasised a simple and practical approach to the training of this profound martial art, including as much as possible all the philosophical elements and lifestyle practice that go with it.

Neil Rosiak MSc

It’s one of the most complete and integrated training systems which blends the depth and genius of the ancient sage masters, who sought an enlightened state of living and the longest life possible, with the martial skills and know how of scholar generals.

As a fighting system we have had numerous international fighting champions come from the school, as well as trained many others to achieve real confidence in their self defence skills, including bodyguard, special forces guys etc.

We focus on giving you access to the training techniques and experiences that will allow you to improve your health, wellbeing and also learn to be highly effective in combat (if you attend those classes).

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