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Internal Strength is Tai Chi’s secret power training system.

It is designed to make you extremely strong, have excellent power generating capacity in all directions, for throwing or striking the opponent, as well as improving central (heart and lung) as well as peripheral (muscle) endurance.

There are Yin exercises designed to increase the functional flexibility of the body, improving fluid, efficient movement and refining body awareness and movement skills. They also promote the ability to relax dynamically in the real world, whilst doing things.

The Yang exercises continue the body awareness work, but also add in some extremely arduous dynamic tension practices which build extremely high levels of functional strength.

Both sets of exercises include lots of concentration/meditative work whilst also building towards perfect execution of extremely explosive power, known in Tai Chi as ‘Fa Jin’.

The exercises are said to have been handed down through Daoist lineages and kept secret by series Tai Chi masters over the generations.The exercises are designed to strengthen all the major functional systems of a high performance martial artist. The exercises target not only the external muscles, tendons and connective tissues, but also improve the health of the inner organs through a variety off techniques.

The third, almost separate component of our Neigong system is a breath and stillness practice, designed to cultivate deep tranquility.

This system of Neigong has an extremely secretive history, being taught originally only to the most capable and trusted students. Legendary master Cheng Tin Hung used the system to become a formidable fighting master and to train extremely successful fighting champions in Asia (in Hong Kong winning 33 of 34 matches at one point against other full contact fighting styles).

Potential benefits of Internal Strength training

  1. Strong immune system
  2. Powerful concentration
  3. Full range of movement flexibility
  4. Emotional stability and tranquility
  5. strengthens the health and functioning of the internal organs
  6. Boosts creative energies
  7. Strengthens the bones
  8. Machine like stamina
  9. Builds advanced physical strength and power
  10. Enhances athleticism and sports performance
  11. Detoxifies the body
  12. Helps you to achieve deep relaxation
  13. Helps insomnia
  14. you will sleep like a baby
  15. Boosts metabolism and encourages helps weight management
  16. Strengthens digestion and elimination
  17. strengthens sexual energy and balances hormones
  18. Loosens the joints
  19. Enhances martial technique
  20. Improves posture and alignment
  21. Forges the will
  22. Improves balance

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