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Tai Chi form and Neigong are perfect methods of exercise for mind and body.

Benefits Include

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes tranquility and wellbeing
  • Strengthens the body inside and out
  • Improves posture, balance and coordination
  • Develops martial technique

Tai Chi Chuan’s traditional long form

Tai Chi long form training is the practice of a sequence of postures and transitional movements, using deep breathing and a relaxed awareness.

In our club we practice the 119 movement long form of the Wu/Wutan style.
There are two methods of training known as the square and round form. One method concentrates on fluid movement and the other trains both stillness and motion.

The square form training method can be seen below;

Neigong (aka qigong)

Qigong is a modern name for exercises derived from earlier practices called Yangsheng – life nourishing exercise. The goal is to enhance your health, energy levels and quality of life.

In our system we use the term Neigong because we don’t try to control any esoteric energies, as this has risks. We simply work on breathing techniques, posture, alignment, body connection and so on. Our Neigong practice is also known as iron shirt qigong because as well as enhancing the health and functioning of mind and body it also develops a powerful physique that is optimal for martial arts practice.

There are 24 exercises in the system, which have been developed over the centuries by Taoists based on their observations of nature and the animal kingdom.

Yin exercises (soft)

  • Golden Tortoise
  • Embracing the One
  • Holding the Golden Plate
  • Jade Rabbit facing the moon
  • Red capped crane stretching its feet
  • Civet cat catching rats
  • Flick the whip
  • White Ape pushing out its paws
  • Swallow piercing the clouds
  • Leading the goat smootly
  • Giant Python turning its body
  • Elephant shakes its head

Yang exercises (hard)

  • Tiger Paw
  • Golden dragon coiled round pillar
  • White Horse pounds it’s hooves
  • Planting the fence
  • Wu Gang cutting laurels
  • Rhinoceros facing the moon
  • Reclining tiger stretching its waist
  • Monarch of the mountain coming out of the cave
  • Boatman rowing the boat
  • Hungry eagle looking for food
  • Macaque monkey leaping through trees
  • Old Man Making the medicine (burning cinnabar)

demonstrations of neigong internal strength

Hong Kong practitioners of this style

Neil Rosiak demonstrating Neigong jump test
Neil’s teacher Dan Docherty showing Neigong

Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays in Camden Town from 6-7pm

To get started get in touch on 0751 552 2950 or use the form below. Classes cost £15.

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