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Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-9pm in Camden Town £20

Taught by Sifu Neil Rosiak

In ancient China Tai Chi became famous as an unbeatable martial art. In modern times most tai chi schools have only taught or promoted the health parts of the system and the combat aspects have been forgotten.

Our Tai Chi is very different to other kinds, coming from a lineage of masters who maintained and taught the traditional self defence methods.

Tai Chi self defence is characterised by an intelligent approach to self defence and fighting. Using brains rather than brawn. 

Through regular practice students learn to apply the practical fighting techniques of the art in a way that uses technique and leverage to give them advantages over stronger opponents. 

Tai Chi self defence techniques combine with the form training and internal strength exercises to give you a formidable repertoire of martial arts skills.

Included in the self defence training is the conditioned response training (often called pushing hands) which focuses on close range skills. 

Everybody is welcome and your fitness level isn’t important. Classes are friendly and you can go at your own pace.

To book your place use the form below or email 📧 Neilrosiak@mac.com

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