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The dynamic system of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan for self defence, internal strength and fitness

Tai Chi Chuan is the martial art based on Yin and Yang, sometimes it’s also referred to as Taiji Boxing or Taijiquan.

Wudang Tai Chi is built around 6 key training systems

  1. Conditioning exercises building physical capacities for elite martial performance
  2. Self Defence drills and exercises for fluency in all combat areas
  3. Internal Strength Neigong exercises to build health, power, endurance, technique and tranquility
  4. Solo practice form for refinement of movement and technique as well as mental capacities
  5.  Pushing hands for grappling and close quarter skills
  6. Weapons forms and drills for fitness, coordination, power and self defence

Our Thirteen Dynamics system practices and teaches the most practical approach to Tai Chi/Taiji. It’s nothing like other Tai Chi schools in the west.

The ‘style’ we teach is what’s usually termed Wudang Tai Chi or practical tai chi. The way we do it is closest to the approach used in Hong Kong by the fighting tai chi master Cheng Tin Hung. Some people will train more Yang aspects of the art if they are interested in the combat system, while others will be trained using the more gentle Yin aspects if they are more concerned in building health, fitness and wellbeing.

Philosophically the art is based firmly with balance in mind, so for most people it’s about finding the right personal balance for you.

The practical side of the art teaches subtle and sophisticated self defence training, preparing a martial athlete who is powerful, fast and has tremendous endurance. Technically you will become skilled in striking skills, grappling and throwing as well as weaponry. Though the art is designed for real self defence and originally battlefield combat it can be adapted for competition, for those students who enjoy challenging themselves.

Its based on the profound concepts of Yin Yang interplay, known as Taiji as well as the eight primary methods of producing force, as well as skilful movements in the five directions.

In accordance with tradition, the art is trained in a way that build not only excellent martial skills, but also develops the character, health and positive mentality of the individual.


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