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Self Defence, Confidence, Strength and Conditioning

Women only kickboxing class, where you will learn our powerful ring fighting techniques as well as self defence.

No experience necessary, these classes are designed to be beginner friendly. Your starting fitness level also isn’t important – it will improve fast!

  • Striking techniques
  • defence techniques and footwork
  • pad and bag work
  • partner drills and exercises
  • no heavy contact
  • sweeps, trips and throws
  • emergency self defence moves
  • strength work
  • flexibility work
  • stamina building

Tuesdays in Camden Town

7-8pm Padwork session 13

8-9pm Partner skill building exercises 13

Both classes together 20

Your first class is free

Teacher: Sifu Neil Rosiak Msc

Book via email Neilrosiak@mac.com or Whatsapp Neil directly on 0751 552 2950

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