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13 Dynamics is an evolutionary martial arts system, based in Camden, 

It combines quick and easy to learn self defence skills along with a structured system for attaining higher levels of skill, fitness and personal confidence.

The training includes a full spectrum of practices, from the very gentle awareness practices, through to extremely dynamic and powerful internal strength and self defence exercises.

As a martial arts practice you will find limitless ways to develop and to enjoy your training.

Our Chief instructor is Neil Rosiak, with over 30 years experience in the style.

  • He is the winner of British and European heavyweight Tai Chi championships
  • The first Tai Chi fighter to compete in professional MMA at championship level
  • Trained British, European and World full contact fighting champions using our system of Tai Chi
  • Trained dozens of British and European Tai Chi pushing hands champions
  • Strength and Conditioning columnist for combat magazine
  • Bouncer and bodyguard, testing Tai Chi’s practical and conflict resolution skills in the real world
  • Masters degree in strength and conditioning

A full list of instructors can be found here..

Practical martial arts skills for self defence, strength, conditioning and more..

Self defence, Kickboxing and free-fighting

There are 48 combat drills, split into 4 series of 12 exercises. These series of drills teach you how to use a very wide array of practical combat techniques including striking, grappling, throwing, locking, sweeps etc. They are practiced in partner work until you become skilful and able to use the movements in spontaneous situations. Once you are skilled enough in the basics you can join the sparring sessions if you want to.

There are additional physical conditioning and fighter preparation exercises.

Pushing Hands

These partner drills teach you how to use and apply the 8 major forces which form the basis of all 13 dynamic techniques. The pushing hands exercises also help you to become an expert grappler, able to dominate standing grappling situations and easily throw opponents to the floor or apply striking or grappling technique finishes.

Neigong: Internal strength training for building a strong healthy physique, powerful techniques and high level focus, awareness and concentration

12 Yin exercises strengthen your body, your ‘cardio’, build foundational power and strength and enhance your breathing technique and the health of your inner organs. They also improve your feel, awareness and concentration as well as reduce nervousness and anxiety.

12 Yang exercises are powerful techniques for building high levels of tensile strength and force production capacity, as well as further enhancing the power and strength of our techniques.

Each set is practiced by advanced practitioners on alternating days, completed by the practice of a special breath awareness and stillness practice. These highly secretive exercises have long been considered the pinnacle of Chinese martial arts practice and are transformative in many ways. These exercises come from ‘Taoists’ who studied the patterns of nature, animals and humans, producing in this case an incredible system of daily practice for mind and body.

’Tai Chi’ form practice for repairing the proprioceptive mechanisms and enhancing movement skill

The traditional tai chi long form training has long been known to be extremely good for your all around health, improving breathing, circulation, balance, flexibility and many more things.

From a martial arts point of view, form practice cultivates and develops ever more refined movement skill and coordination, meaning the better your movements skill and body control, the better you can apply fighting techniques against an opponent.

Form training is learned ‘square’ or disjointed and highly structured, then round where movements flow ceaselessly from one to the next, and then mirror, so both sides of the body and brain are cultivated. Finally the whole form is practiced in reverse for extra mind/body coordination.

Weapons training

Training with weapons has benefits from a fitness and health perspective as well as a martial arts skill perspective.

First weapon: Spear

Considered a Yang weapon, in training we use a long and heavy pole to practice the 15 fighting movement form. This builds a very functional type of strength, developing and powerful core and back as well as grip and shoulder power. Explosive yet precise movements and jumps further challenge your practice and will help you to build real martial power.

Second weapon: Sabre

This is a single edged weapon, considered both Yin and Yang. Training in sabre develops explosive power in the waist, strengthens the arms and grip, and develops precision coordination of the entire body. Footwork and stances also benefit greatly from practice.

Third weapon : Double edged straight sword

This weapon is the most technical of all the forms and movement practices, and the tiniest of body movements reflect in the movement of the sword. It’s also the most Yin and delicate weapon, requiring and developing extremely refined movement skill and coordination. There is and incredibly wide range of footwork methods that are explored and refined during sword practice.

Each weapon builds unique skills and when we practice the drills with a partner the techniques can easily be applied if necessary in self defence using every day items such as umbrellas etc.

Getting started

The club meets and trains on Mondays and Wednesdays 7-9pm in Camden Town (£20).

Join the club by phone 📞 or WhatsApp 0751 552 2950

or email 📧 neilrosiak@mac.com