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Mondays and Wednesdays in Camden Town. 2 minutes walk from the tube.

6-7 Yin class : Tai Chi for health, relaxation and fitness £15

7-9pm Yang class: Tai Chi pushing hands and self defence £25

Both classes: £25

Monthly membership £125 (all classes/24 hours per month)

First lesson or first month is half price

Classes are all taught personally by Neil Rosiak MSc, European Heavyweight Tai Chi Champion

Tai Chi Benefits

  • Posture
  • Weight loss/management
  • Strengthening and toning muscles
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing for calmness and anti-anxiety benefits
  • Coordination and better movement (and balance)
  • Deep relaxation
  • Real self defence skills
  • Confidence

A dynamic and powerful system of tai chi

We teach the Wutan (more commonly spelled Wudang) Tai Chi from the direct lineage of Master Cheng Tin Hung.

It’s a very dynamic martial art with soft, gentle and internally focussed practices as well as very physical, powerful and practical martial arts training (in the Yang class)

Everyone is welcome.

To get started simply WhatsApp Neil on 0751 552 2950 or drop him a call

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