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We structure our training and organisation to maximise the benefit that all students receive from training, and to give them opportunity to reach the highest levels of skill within the art.

Strong friendships are formed, and training partners help each other to develop and progress in all ways. Coaching is focussed on delivering whatever training and information is best delivered for each student, creating systematic development whilst also encouraging spontaneous expression of the training as well as creative exploration of all the art’s possibilities.


Our school was formalised by Neil (Rosiak) who has been a lifelong practitioner since childhood. He learned his Tai Chi originally from Mr Dan Docherty, a very well known teacher of the Wudang style, and during his early years in training trained hard and competed regularly in tournaments. In the Taiji world he won British and European pushing hands championships and subsequently trained dozens of others to do the same. In full contact fighting he fought in the early submission fighting and MMA style fighting and was the first to fight for the professional heavyweight championship of Britain. Many of the students of the school of won British, European and world championships in full contact San Da kickboxing.

Over the years Neil has spent time researching all branches of the Wudang system, particularly the self defence system and the Neigong approaches taken. Most recently he has spent a long time consulting with Sifu Cheng Kam Yan, son of Cheng Tin Hung, in order to learn and preserve the original methods of the Wudang Tai Chi system.


We are passionate about the profound benefits that training in a full system of Taiji Boxing can bring. We want to share the rare and authentic training methods and provide ideal training environments for all those wanting to properly learn this remarkably complete and beneficial art.