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13 Dynamics Tai Chi Chuan practiced as a full martial arts system, in a creative and continually evolving manner, 

It combines quick and easy to learn self defence skills along with a structured system for attaining higher levels of skill, fitness and personal confidence.

The training includes a full spectrum of practices, from the very gentle awareness practices, through to extremely dynamic and powerful internal strength and self defence exercises.

As a martial arts practice you will find limitless ways to develop and to enjoy your training.

Our Chief instructor is Neil Rosiak, with over 30 years experience in the style.

  • He is the winner of British and European heavyweight Tai Chi championships
  • The first Tai Chi fighter to compete in professional MMA at championship level
  • Trained British, European and World full contact fighting champions using our system of Tai Chi
  • Trained dozens of British and European Tai Chi pushing hands champions
  • Strength and Conditioning columnist for combat magazine
  • Bouncer and bodyguard, testing Tai Chi’s practical and conflict resolution skills in the real world
  • Masters degree in strength and conditioning

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