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Some common questions answered

What happens in the classes? What should I expect?

In the form focused (6-7pm) classes we usually start training by doing some gentle Yangsheng (life nourishing) stretches. Once warm students will start to practice the various solo training skills such as the square form, the round form, weapons forms or the internal strength exercises (Neigong). Practice is done at your own pace, taking as many breaks as you need. It’s a very relaxed environment, though I will help you learn as much as you feel able to absorb. Emphasis however is on quality of understanding over quantity.

In the second class, with partner work for self defence skills things usual begin with footwork exercises, pushing hands drills and then partner self defence practice. Things are always built up gradually allowing you to progress at a pace that’s right for you and giving you training that is enjoyably challenging and not overwhelming. As students progress the exercises and training can become more dynamic (if they wish) and exercises can be practiced in highly realistic ways. Traditional fitness and conditioning exercises can then be learned for further strengthening body and mind. Intermediate and advanced students can move on to wrestling snd sparring training if they wish (not mandatory at all). Again the emphasis on the class is to allow you to learn and practice skills in a friendly, helpful environment. 

What should I wear?

You can wear anything you like (within reason). The main thing is that your clothing allows you to be comfortable and move in an unrestricted way. Flat soled shoes are better than bouncy trainers. It’s advisable to bring something to drink as there is no drinking water in the studio.

I have some pre-existing medical issues, will it be suitable for me?

Please call or message us about any issues you may have. We try our best to make the training environment and process as accessible and individualised as possible, so we can usually find a way to work around any issues.

How far is the studio from the tube station?

We are about 50meters away from Camden Town tube station, and directly across the road from ‘Chicken King’ fast food restaurant. The building we are in is covered with street art and isn’t the most obvious looking martial arts training hall. Once inside however we have an ideal training studio.

I’ve never done any tai chi or martial arts, will it be suitable?

Absolutely. We are hoping to help as many people as possible get access to all the amazing benefits that practicing tai chi can bring. If you are a complete beginner that’s great. We will help you step by step, to learn and build a tai chi practice that will last a lifetime and have an environment for you where you can practice and share skills with a great bunch of enthusiasts from all walks of life. Everyone has their own level of commitment, starting ability and objectives. These are all unique to each individual and we aim to provide an environment that is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of each student.

I practice other martial arts, can tai chi help with that?

Tai chi can help other martial artists to round out their skills and abilities because it is such a complete practice. In general it’s a very open system and unlikely to conflict with the skills and approaches of other arts.

Is tai chi suitable for kids?

Our classes are focussed on adult training, but can be suitable for children from around 12 years and up. The main thing is their ability to concentrate and focus, which some don’t have, particularly in the more ‘mindful’ aspects. 

Is the club sociable?

Yes, we are a very friendly and sociable bunch and will regularly have social events locally. 

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