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Tai Chi is a highly complex subject which benefits greatly from personal tuition from an experienced master. As the Tai Chi classics say ‘off an inch at the beginning you will miss by a mile’.

Private tuition can be taken in any aspect of the syllabus or you can simply choose to be trained to head towards overall Tai Chi mastery.

Tuition by Sifu Neil Rosiak MSc

  • Trained originally by Master Dan Docherty, 1980 South East Asian full contact championship, open weight champ
  • Learned directly from Sifu Cheng Kam Yan, son of Tai Chi legend Cheng Tin Hung
  • Multiple times British and Double European Tai Chi pushing hands heavyweight champion
  • Trainer of dozens of British, European and World champions in Tai Chi, pushing hands and full contact fighting.
  • First and only pure Tai Chi fighter to fight successfully in professional MMA (Heavyweight Championship)
  • Bouncer and Bodyguard
  • Masters degree from University of Edinburgh in Strength and Conditioning
  • Strength and Conditioning columnist for Combat Magazine

Fee per session: £120

Enquire about availability Neilrosiak@mac.com

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