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An Innovative and modern approach to traditional tai chi chuan for the modern human who wants maximal physical, mental and social health through martial practice

Our Tai Chi system comes from an unbroken lineage tracing back to ‘Invincible’ Yang Lu Chan, the practitioner who made the art famous by becoming a legendary martial artist who could defeat all challengers in the 1800’s.

The art was created by Taoists who combined ingenious combat techniques with their understanding of the natural world, breathing and exercise methods as well as meditation techniques.

There are five core aspects within our traditional Tai Chi system, which work together to develop different qualities within the practitioner. Each should be trained more or less equally to bring about a holistic development of the martial artist.

The hand form. Precision movement practice that combines physical and mental exercise with mindfulness

The traditional Long Form: 119 ‘postures’ or sequences of movements which are trained slowly and mindfully to increase the health of the body and to increase awareness and relaxation. This is the famous part of Tai Chi that everyone is familiar with.

Pushing Hands conditioned response exercises for close quarter grappling skills avoiding brute force

Pushing Hands training is partnered practice where we begin to learn skills that are useful for close quarter self defence.

Practical self defence and freefighting which uses sophisticated techniques and strategy to overcome bigger opponents

San Shou is Tai Chi’s self defence training. Techniques from the long form are practiced with a partner, slowly at first and then eventually at full speed. The self defence training of San Shou is designed to make your response and counter to an attack completely spontaneous.

Neigong Internal Strength conditioning and meditation system providing daily training for body, mind and technique

Internal Strength (Neigong) is a profound system of exercise which exercises the entire body internally (organs, lymphatic circulation etc) as well as the more obvious external aspects such as the muscles and tendons and so on. You can develop very advanced levels of strength and stamina from Internal Strength training. The exercises are done mindfully and cultivate deep levels of relaxation and wellbeing. This is the secret aspect of traditional Tai Chi.

Weapons training for coordination, power, footwork and practical application

Weapons training can help develop your coordination, movement skill and also teach you how to defend yourself against armed opponents if the need should arise.

We practice and teach what is usually known as Wutan or Wudang Tai Chi, which is distinguished from other tai chi styles by maintaining a very practical self defence syllabus.

Everyone can benefit from a complete system of Tai Chi Chuan, no matter your age or fitness level.

13Dynamics teaches traditional, dynamic martal tai chi chuan practices in a way that brings you the practitioner the most benefits Most quickly

Our approach is to teach the complete system of Tai Chi to all students motivated to learn it. Our lineage comes from Hong Kong, via some of the major Tai Chi fighters of the arts more recent history. Neil (Rosiak) who is the school’s chief instructor, competed successfully in various martial arts championships at national, international and professional level. His Tai Chi teacher was Dan Docherty who had also competed successfully in full contact fighting at international level. Dan had learned from Asia’s most renowned fighting tai chi teacher, Cheng Tin Hung, who trained many international champions also. Neil maintains a relationship with Cheng Tin Hung’s knowledgeable son, from which he has greatly benefited, learning previously lost or forgotten knowledge. Many of our 13Dynamics students have continued this practical approach to tai chi training, winning many British, European and World titles in Tai Chi pushing hands and also full contact San Da Kickboxing. Our overall approach however isn’t geared to competition success, but to helping people to learn the holistic system of tai chi for all its considerable benefits.

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